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The “pig”duro

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The “pig”duro

Guided Enduro tour / Day
150 (starting from)
  • Starting from 3 persons
  • Group of 6 people max.
  • The price includes the rental of the VTTAE, the guide, the transport.


Good to Expert


Descent and ascent on technical single track. Exposure can be important

DifficultY :

You must master all the techniques of mountain biking (braking, balance, crossing, engagement, gear shifting…).


Good physical condition required


Departure : 9am for a return around 5pm

Elevation gain : from 1500 to 1800m

Mileage : from 20 to 25 km

Meals : Bring your own picnic (possibility to provide one for 12€)

Equipment: Bring sports shoes, sun cream, sunglasses and windbreaker.

Don’t forget to bring water and cereal bars.

the "pig"duro

Guided hike / day

Try to follow the guide and sand some of the best trails in the area.

On this trip, we’ll be riding downhill as well as uphill.
 Don’t underestimate the sporty nature of the electric mountain bike and be careful with your cardio the day will be long!

On the program:

Riding, fun, pigs, burning thighs and beer at the end of the run in a grandiose setting.

For those who want to ride and who are not afraid of getting their thighs hot, come and discover 100% natural courses.

Thanks to the electric assistance, the links between the specials become the occasion to pull the stuffing or to recover well.

For this formula, you will have 2 batteries at your disposal in order to enjoy yourself.

No room for Eco mode, ride and enjoy the uphill as well as the downhill.

Our guide, a Bosch ambassador, will introduce you to the subtleties of the Bosch motorization.

We have prepared some exceptional itineraries for you, all condensed into one day!

The goal is to have fun on the climb and test the famous Uphill Flow thanks to the E-Mtb mode of our Bosch VTTAEs.

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