2 Alpes WINTER – MTB rental – Workshop – Enduro stay – Guided tours

VAE rental – Workshop – Enduro stay – Guided tours

Guided winter hike

Experience the thrill of riding on snow.

In Oisans, you will find very rolling and winding trails, but also often more rocky, more engaging …

You will have the choice between a mineral universe that will delight mountain bikers and Enduro enthusiasts, or you can evolve on soft and rolling trails.

rando vtt guidée dans la neige
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E-MTB for beginners ? ... Not only!

On your electric mountain bike with studded tires, test a new way of riding. Perfectly adapted

100% ElectriC
Sand several singles during the day...


The 100% electric escape!

adventure electrobike accompanies you …


On your electric mountain bike with studded tires, test a new way of riding. Perfectly adapted


High quality repairs.
Whatever the age, brand and condition of your bike, we will have the solution.

Enduro tours

During the day or at night… hike on the snow with an all-inclusive package.

technique de vtt dans la neige

Learning and advanced courses

Trail Hunter MTB offers you courses to learn in the best conditions to master the basic techniques, both uphill and downhill.  We ride on the trails of the Oisans while working on the different techniques you want to learn.

The opportunity to learn the specificities of riding and to improve your management of the battery autonomy of your VTTAE.

Oisans in the heart of the Alps

our playground

Oisans has given Isère its high mountain dimension. Famous summits, multicolored landscapes, the Oisans is a country with 1000 riches: natural, human, historical, cultural…

It is above all a paradise for nature, mountain and mountain bike lovers.
Come and discover a preserved territory, a land of dreams where each place is rich in emotions and discoveries…

Our passion, our universe, our job!

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