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We do everything possible to make sure that your cycling trip goes as smoothly as you would have imagined…When you leave with us, you can be sure to have :


Adapted itineraries

As mountain bike professionals (MCF union) and residents of the Oisans, we have prepared real enduro raids for everyone.

So, whether you are already a mountain biking enthusiast or simply want to experience the mountain biking itinerary, we have thought of everyone.

Whether you’re a fan of singletrack or a fan of rolling forest trails, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your taste!

Our routes are available for both electric and classic mountain bikes.




Rental of top of the line electric mountain bikes, a recent shuttle/minibus for 9 people, a bike trailer adapted to transport up to 10 bikes, and a mobile workshop to take care of your mounts if the need arises.

carefully selected partners

Our collaborators in accommodation and restaurants have been selected for their services and their local cuisine.



100% electrical

from beginner to expert, choose among our 2-3 formulas.


from expert to resourceful. You like portage, the taste of the effort, the big isolated valleys: this formula is for you.

Enduro Up Hill Flow :

High end E-MTB. 1 or 2 days to sand the Oisans. Fully explore the E-MTB mode of your bikes with this sporty version and benefit from 2 batteries of 500 watts.

Rolling singletrack on the way up as well as on the way down, accessible crossing, sharp turns, technique, mountain landscapes…… of mountain biking what!

Beware, this course presents some portage/pushing: be prepared.

Customized stay

100% electric, enduro all level, contact us and we will realize your desires.

your questions

our solutions

BEGINNER = You do not yet master the basic techniques of mountain biking (balance, gear shifting, braking, trajectories…). Going alone on mountain trails is not conceivable…

DISCOVERED = You are at ease on your bike but some passages still pose problems to you. Willing to go in the mountains, tight turns or steep slopes make you put your foot down.

CONFIRMED = You are at ease almost everywhere even in the tightest turns or when the slope is more important. Crossings are not a real problem.

EXPERT = You have complete control of your bike in all situations and you are looking forward to the mountains. This is where the word “guide” comes into its own: follow the guide and don’t worry about the route. Let’s ride and enjoy the nuggets!

With all VTTAE rentals, a helmet is provided. Gloves on request. Each bike is equipped with a repair kit in case of puncture (patch, pump, inner tube, tire changer, multi-tool).

Renting of high quality full-suspension VTTAE: adapted to our mountain terrains. Our leitmotiv: to find you the right balance between comfort, safety and performance.

The guide takes with him the necessary repair kit and a first aid kit.

You want to come with your own mountain bike: no problem.

A non-exhaustive list of equipment to bring is provided with your trip data sheet.

We work in total confidence with our accommodation partners. They know the specificity of mountain bike trips and often provide a room to store and maintain your bike. Most of our tours are in Gite or shared room formula.

Concerned about the quality and generosity of the meals, we favor local products as much as possible.

Trail Hunter MTB has a recent 9-seater truck to transport you to the departure points, as well as a trailer to carry your bike.

The transfer of the luggage can be realized (according to the formula chooses) by our team during the itinerant stays.

All our mountain bike guides are holders of a DE VTT or a BPJEPS VTT.

Each of them comes from different sectors, we will entrust you to the most experienced one geographically, according to the chosen hiking sector.

We take with us the necessary repair kit with a workshop stand. Each accommodation that welcomes us provides us with a water point and a storage room. Our bikes are serviced and repaired if necessary during and after each trip.

When you rent a bike from us, a repair kit (patch, pump, inner tube, tire changer, multi-tool) is provided.
In case of electronic or mechanical breakdown, our team is always available to help you at +33(0)6 62 38 86 47 or +33(0)6 70 95 48 90.

All our bikes are equipped with 500Wh battery for more autonomy but many other factors come into play: the weight of the rider, the type of assistance etc.

In Oisans, you will find very rolling and winding trails, but also often more rocky, more engaging …

You will have the choice between a mineral universe that will delight mountain bikers and Enduro enthusiasts, or you will be able to evolve on soft and rolling, wide trails.

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